Wikipedia Editing Project

Wikipedia is a resource to patients, students and qualified dentists too (whether they admit to it or not!). We all know to take the information we find with a pinch of salt but wouldn't it be better if Wikipedia was just more reliable?

Different Medical Universities around the world have started editing medical articles on Wikipedia to make them up-to-date and well referenced.

Now, Dentistry is going to get involved! The Cochrane Collaboration is supporting a new project with University of Dundee Dental School as one of the pilot universities.

DRAMS is carrying out this project and we would like to get our students involved. The project itself will start next semester and will look great on your CV - Wikipedia can be referenced and hence, it is a form of publication to your name.

We will be posting up information about this project in due time. Stay tuned, get involved and help shape a brand new global initiative in dentistry!