Evidence Based Dentistry

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme

A platform offering critical appraisal skills training, workshops and tools. These help you read and check health research for trustworthiness, results and relevance. Updated CASP Appraisal Checklists for different study designs are available online too.

Reference : https://casp-uk.net/

Centre for Evidence Based Dentistry (CEBD)

A centre establishing a journal of Evidence-based dentistry and web-based publication.

Reference : https://www.cebd.org/

The Dental Elf

A daily blog that provides brief summaries highlighting evidence-based publications relevant to dental practice in the UK and around the world, including systematic reviews, trials, guidance as well as high quality patient information.

Reference : https://www.nationalelfservice.net/dentistry/

How to Critically Appraise a Research Article?