Summer Internships

What are summer internships?

Summer Internships (SI) are summer projects organized by Dundee Dental DRAMS (Dundee Research and Academic Medicine Society). Every year, these projects offer great opportunities for dental students to get hands-on experience in research. The SI normally involves 2-3 weeks of full-time work, with flexible dates to suit you and your supervisors.

The project involves various types of researches, which may involve carrying out or assisting a lab-based project, a clinical audit or helping to collect/ compile/ analyze data for other clinical researches.

This is a great chance to learn useful skills, gain invaluable experiences and insight into dental researches, albeit with the help and guidance from experienced supervisors. You can even earn some money while finding out how these can all be part of your future dental career and boost your CV.


Abstracts from past student researchers ?

Every year, abstracts from the students who have done their summer researches are published here. This would give you an insight into the types of researches done and inspire you to be part of this amazing research community, which in turn, might be your lifetime chance to gain invaluable research experience and meet other students with similar or different backgrounds.

Click here to read abstracts :

How do I get involved?

We will send out information regarding available SI projects and the application process via UoD email in March each year. Dental students who are interested will then be required to submit an application, which includes a one page CV and personal statement.

If the SI scheme is oversubscribed, it will be up to the supervisors to select the most suitable candidate(s).

Successful candidate(s) will be informed through UoD email.


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Criteria(s) / Requirement(s)

Do I need previous research experience? No, the projects are designed to give you an insight into research, so no previous experience is required. Your supervisor(s) will be at hand to help you learn any methods or skills that you will need for the project chosen.

How much time or commitment is required? Depending on the type of project, if you are keen to take part, you are expected to show your enthusiasm and be prepared to devote a fair amount of time each week, as arranged with your supervisor(s), in order to complete the project.

Student eligibility requirement. Depending on the SI projects offered each year, regardless of year classification, all dental students are usually invited to participate, unless stated otherwise.


Should you have any queries or require any further information, please do not hesitate to email us at